Cheating & Breakup Sluts

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"Oh, you know. Just sat around licking lollipops again…"
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I saw my wife’s lipstick was worn and smeared when I got home. I wonder what she was up to?
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You recognize your wife’s plump ass which you beg to fuck anally all the time on her computer screen.
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Your daughter the size queen. Staying home “sick”.
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Admiring the god she truly loves outside of church service.
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Your wife. Getting her teeth brushed so her breath is perfect for kissing you when you come home.
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The man your girlfriend has been talking to online said he really likes chicks with glasses. She made you buy her a pair for the first time meeting up with him.
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"Having fun watching the house, babe!"
Read the message field of a new picture message.
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Your girlfriend got some modeling pictures taken, today. She still won’t let you see them.
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My wife has been meeting up with her personal trainer a lot more recently.