Cheating & Breakup Sluts

fm-fuckingmagic asked: your blog is fucking perfection. I used to be more turned on the cuck side but now i'm much more on the dom/bull side. what do you use your kik for?

I occaisonally get on my kik to talk to hung guys and slutty cheating girls :)

Anonymous asked: I love captions about wives and girlfriends cheating with complete strangers and dudes from Craigslist. More of those would be great

My favorite as well. Will do :)

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You recognize your wife’s ass in a video left open on her computer.
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Helping the football team with their  homework never felt so good….

..Said my cheating girlriend.
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Just the usual fun at home for the girlfriend.
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Your girlfriends parents went out of town. For some reason she didn’t invite you over.
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Looks like those pretty glasses you bought her are serving another purpose than looking pretty for church service.
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The man from craigslist found your wife topless as he walked in, like she told him to. He got started with her mouth right away. 
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Your buddy george stopped by today. Spent a little time with your wife.
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Your wife does things you’d never imagine her doing behind your back. She loves kissing you as you arrive home from a hard day at work.