Cheating & Breakup Sluts

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Please that dick you cheating fuckhole.
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Junkie fuck cockaddicted worthless cocktool. Your girlfriend.
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"Thanks for the necklace, babe. Your friends gave me a pearl one, did you know?"
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"Don’t I look awesome, lol." The girlfriend typed along with the picture she sent you.
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"Honey? What the fuck is this tarp doing out? And why does it smell bad in here?"
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Postcard reads - “Having fun at the bahamas meeting, babe. I’ll be home when I can!”
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"Got messy today, baby. Sorry the house isn’t clean."
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"You can’t be mad, baby! They were just so fun to play with…."
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"Well, you know I can take the rough stuff…." You overhear your wife say to the re-modelers. 
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"I don’t waste food, dear" Your wife told you randomly at dinner. Grinning at your guest with the buldge.
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"Ohhh! For me?" Your cheating fiance exclaims.
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"They attacked me! Teehee…"
"What the fuck?! How the fuck could you cheat on me I’ve given you everything!"
"Everything but a huge cock…"
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"Sorry, babe…. You did say I needed to eat more…."