Cheating & Breakup Sluts

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Your girlfriend stayed home and got high while getting her mouth fucked again. You worked and didn’t know about it.
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Your girlfriend. Pleasing craigslist cock as you fly to your paid vacation. She said she’d watch the house. Really she just wanted to cheat.
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Your girlfriend loves inviting gang members into abandoned buildings.
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Your wife took a special picture for you. She wanted to show you what she really does all day in your new house.
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"Wanna see my new friend, babe?"
*new picture message*
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Your girlfriend teasing and mocking you during the breakup video.
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"How have you been? I miss you babe can we please get back together?"
"I’ve been great! Look what I found at the club!"
*new picture message*
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"Will you take a picture for my loser boyfriend? I want to break up with him."